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What are the advantages of using production music?

There are many advantages of using production music, including:

  • Production music is simple, quick and cost-effective
  • Libraries supply recording copies for use in all productions
  • Production music is available in a variety of moods and lengths
  • All our music is cleared so no further copyright permissions are required
  • Use our quick and simple online licence application form
  • Read our production music rate card to help you budget accurately

How do I use production music?

Do I obtain production music from MCPS?

No, MCPS administers the licensing process on behalf of our library members. You will need to contact the libraries directly to access their music.

Read our list of MCPS library members with contact details and website links.

Do I need any other licences?

A PRS for Music licence is required whenever a piece of music is performed or played in any public space or place outside of the home. This includes: music on hold, background to web/WAP page, streamed programming or webcasting, permanent download, podcasts as well as ‘all media’ uses*.

The only music licence you require for all other production music uses is the MCPS rate card licence. This covers the right to reproduce the musical work, sound recording and artist performance, ie. all of the rights normally required by a production company.

*An ‘all media’ use only requires a PRS for Music licence if this includes an element of communication to the public.

Why is a PRS for Music licence required
for online applications?

Services making a licensed production available online or via mobile networks will need to have an appropriate PRS for Music licence covering the performing right.

The performing right is the communication to the public of a production’s musical work whenever it is streamed or downloaded.

Please call our Online Licensing team on +44 (0)20 3741 4500 or visit the Online section for more information on PRS for Music's online and mobile licences.

Does the rate card cover the use of chart

No, the rate card only covers production music use. Please contact MCPS Licensing on +44 (0)20 3741 3888 to find out about accessing commercial tracks.

Do I need prior approval to use production
music in adverts or other contentious areas?

No, once you have registered as a production music user there are no pre-clearance formalities involved as long as the correct licences are in place.

Do libraries issue any licences directly?

No, in the UK MCPS exclusively administers all licensing requirements on behalf of our library members. This means that it is easy to use tracks from various libraries in your productions while still purchasing the licence from a central source.

What if I need to update an existing licence?

Please contact MCPS Licensing on +44 (0)20 3741 3888. They can also help if you are adding new territories or more copies to your existing licence where you need a ‘top up’ licence.

What if i want to cancel my invoice?

Please contact MCPS Credit Control on +44 (0)20 3741 3888 or

Please note, payment of your invoice signals your acceptance of the terms and conditions and once payment has been made it will not be possible to refund you. For this reason, please ensure that you check the details on your invoice thoroughly and inform us prior to payment of the invoice should you wish to either amend or cancel your order.

Who controls the rights in commercial music
and production music?

It is important to consider the rights in the musical work and the sound recording when using music in your productions. The table below shows the different rights administered by the main UK copyright societies.

Commercial music:
Rights required: To copy To communicate to the public
The musical work MCPS PRS for Music
The sound recording PPL/VPL or
record company
Production music:
Rights required: To copy To communicate to the public
The musical work MCPS PRS for Music
The sound recording MCPS MCPS

Production Music

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