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Retail Tariff Consultation 

The Retail Tariff consultation closed on 21 November, 2016

Fashion Retailer

Tariff Simplification: Creating simple and efficient licensing

PRS for Music is running a consultation on the charging structure used to license the use of copyright music within the Retail sector.

The scope of the proposed Tariff will cover will cover the use of background music within retail premises, including: shops and stores; staff canteens and rest-rooms; shopping malls and centres; in-store events such as fashion shows, live music performances and DJ performances; food courts and cafes owned by the retailer or mall proprietor.

The aim is to create a revised tariff that is easy to understand, simple and efficient for customers to use, whilst fairly reflecting the value of music.

Document downloads

For more information please download the consultation document and associated documents available below.

Retail consultation document

Consultation Document

Other documents

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For transparency and to ensure that we are capturing responses accurately and consistently, we strongly encourage all respondents to utilise the online questionnaire with reference to the detailed frequently asked questions and supporting document downloads.

Consultation now closed

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If you are visually impaired or require assistance in responding to the Retail Consultation, please contact us.

Email: Retail.consultation@prsformusic.com
Tel: +44 (0) 203 741 3886

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