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PRS for Music’s Songs for Manchester Downloads


Songs for Manchester logoYou’re a star. No, seriously. Without you, and other DJs like you, we just wouldn’t hear local music playing out across our airwaves, street by street, day by day.


It’s because of you that businesses around the city can turn on their radios and play the songs their customers and staff live, shop, eat and work by. In restaurants and takeaways. In stores and boutiques. In salons and nail bars. Even in tattoo parlours and bike shops.


And, of course, it’s because those businesses buy their PRS for Music licence that makes music possible - because, as you probably know, the fee they pay every year goes straight to songwriters and composers.


So that’s why we’ve launched Songs for Manchester last month, a campaign celebrating the value and contribution to music of the unsung heroes: local DJs and local business owners. 


To give our Songs for Manchester a listen, feel free to download them here:

  1. Let it play - Baxter Rhodes

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