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Music for businesses 

Find out how much it will cost to play music in your business and how you can benefit from it.

Charity and community

Play music in churches and community buildings.

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Play music in your cinema.

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Play music in your social, members or night club.

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Educational establishments

Play music in educational establishments.

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Play music at your exhibition.

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Hair and Beauty

Play music in your hair or beauty salon or spa.

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Play music in your health practice.

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Hotels and guesthouses

Play music in your hotel, guesthouse or B&B.

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Leisure, sport and fitness

Play music in leisure and sports facilities.

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Mobile businesses

Play music in your mobile business.

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Music on hold

Play music when customers are put on hold.

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Offices and factories

Play music in your office, factory or at work.

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Pubs and Bars

Play music in your pub or bar.

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Restaurants and cafés

Play music in your restaurant or café.

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Shops and stores

Play music in your shop or store.

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Sports grounds and stadia

Play music in sports grounds and stadia.

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Play music in your transport business.

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