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Changes effective: 1 June 2010

Following discussions with the Confederation of Passenger Transport UK (CPT), PRS for Music is combining Tariff GV for ‘General Vehicles’ and Tariff MC for ‘Motor Coaches, Buses and Mini-buses’ into a single tariff, Tariff MV ‘Motor Vehicles’. A notification has been sent to all customers charged under the existing Tariffs MC and GV.

If you have any problems downloading the documents, please call 020 7598 3666 or email If you give us your name and address, we will then send the documents to you by post or email.

1. Customer Notification

2. Tariff MV effective 1 June 2010

Previous Tariffs

3. Tariff GV effective 1 June 2009

4. Tariff MC effective 1 June 2009

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