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New Charging Policy for small bed and breakfast establishments and single-unit self-catering businesses

Changes effective: 23 August 2010

PRS for Music has introduced a new charging policy for small bed and breakfast establishments and single-unit self-catering businesses.

From 23 August 2010, PRS for Music will not charge a licence fee for background music (including music via TV and radio) in holiday accommodation businesses meeting all the following criteria:

  • The premises has 3 guest bedrooms or fewer
  • The premises is the sole holiday accommodation business operated or owned by the proprietors
  • The premises is also the domestic residence of the proprietors
  • The premises is not licensed for the sale of alcohol (by the local authority)
  • Facilities are only available to resident guests

This policy also applies to single-unit self-catering businesses with 3 bedrooms or fewer, where this is the only self-catering unit operated/owned by the proprietors.

A notification has been sent to all existing customers who may benefit from this new policy. See document below for details

If you have any problems downloading the documents, please call 020 7598 3666 or email If you give us your name and address, we will then send the documents to you by post or email.

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