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Community buildings – Tariff CB

Following discussions with ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England) and Community Matters PRS for Music has made minor amendments to our Tariff CB (Community buildings run by voluntary organisations) to clarify the defined income details to be declared to us. In addition, we have increased the income threshold detailed in the tariff to reflect the rate of inflation since the tariff was last agreed in 2000.

These changes are effective from 1st April 2015.

Walk-on Walk-off music at stand-up comedy shows (theatres, arenas and similar premises)

Following representations from some customers, PRS for Music has decided to introduce a Discretionary Charging Policy for stand-up comedy shows at theatres, arenas and similar venues (excluding clubs) at which the only act or acts are stand-up comedians, and the only music used during the show is for a very limited period (up to 5 minutes in total) for the walk-on walk-off of the comedians, i.e. no music is used within the artiste’s act.

As from 1st December 2014, such performances will no longer be licensed using the Tariff V rate, where we had applied the minimum rate under that tariff, 0.5% of gross receipts.

The charge to be applied will be 0.2% of the actual gross receipts from the stand-up comedy show.  Gross receipts means all monies paid or payable in respect of admission charges in connection with the performances, less library and party bookings discounts and Value Added Tax or any other Government tax or imposition of a like nature for the time being in force.

This is in recognition of the special nature of these performances where the music usage is minimal when compared to the full length of the show and not used within the artiste’s main act.

Amendment to scope of Tariff JMC

Following an application from PRS for Music, the Copyright Tribunal has ordered an amendment to the scope of Tariff JMC.

As from 1st January 2014 the scope of Tariff JMC excludes not-for-profit-amateur sports clubs, for which there is a new tariff. See details of the new licensing arrangements for amateur sports clubs.

This change will not affect other clubs licensed under Tariff JMC.

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