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2012 Code of Conduct consultation

Ticketed Popular Music Events 

Tariff SE (Sports events at sports grounds, race tracks and stadiums)

2009 Code of Practice

Amateur Sports Clubs Consultation


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Our consultation process 



Following an application from PRS for Music, the Copyright Tribunal has ordered an amendment to the scope of Tariff JMC.

As from 1st January 2014 the scope of Tariff JMC excludes not-for-profit-amateur sports clubs, for which there is a new tariff. See details of the new licensing arrangements for amateur sports clubs.

This change will not affect other clubs licensed under Tariff JMC. 


Summary of responses to Ticketed Popular Music Events consultation published.

PRS for Music and British Gymnastics are working together to understand how gymnastics clubs use music and to improve awareness of PRS for Music licensing. We aim to provide a simple guide for clubs indicating when a Music Licence is required and what the level of charge will be.

While we work on this guide, PRS for Music have agreed to stop calling gymnastics clubs individually to sell licences.

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