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UK channels without a BARB rating 

By granting a licence, PRS for Music can permit the use of over 10 million musical works on your channel without having to individually clear the copyrights. The royalties you pay are distributed directly to music publishers and songwriters.

If your channel/s is broadcasting our members’ music in the UK only and does not have a BARB rating, the right licence for you is our GETV (General Entertainment Television) Licence.

The GETV Licence fees are dependent on:

  • the amount of music broadcast on your channel, as a percentage of your total broadcast hours
  • the level of programme and non-programmes you make or commission using music

Our repertoire includes the vast majority of specially commissioned music, library music, classical and chart music from the UK and our worldwide affiliated societies.  Regardless of whether you buy in your programmes or make the content yourself, if your broadcast material (programmes, adverts and trailers) contains our members’ music then you will need a licence from us.

Our published GETV rates for 2016 are:

Music hours as a percentage of 168 per week

In house or commissioned content Low <20% Medium <50% High 50-100%
High (40-100%) £32,896 £43,652 £54,405
Medium (10-39%) £24,040 £31,632 £39,855
Low (<10%) £20,244 £27,204 £34,162
0 £18,979 £25,304 £31,632

What next?

Download, complete and send an application form to the TV licensing team at tvchannels@prsformusic.com.

All TV broadcasters are allocated a specific PRS for Music account manager to provide advice and answer any queries you may have before, during or after the licensing process. Once we have received your application form we will arrange a meeting with your new account manager to put a licence in place.


Contact TV licensing

Licences for businesses playing music through a TV or radio

Please call 0800 068 4828

Licences for TV or Radio Broadcast companies

Please call +44 (0) 20 3741 4151
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Customer Consultations

We are running a consultation on proposed changes to the GETV (General Entertainment Television) Licence scheme.

Please find further information here.

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