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Commercial radio licence 

Who is this licence for?

Commercial radio stations broadcasting on AM,FM, DAB, cable or satellite.

Licence fees for commercial radio stations

Licence fees (1 October 2016 – 30 September 2017)

Fees are calculated using the station’s Net Broadcasting Revenue (NBR) and include both an annual royalty fee and a fee based upon the royalty rate. For more information please email radiolicensing@prsformusic.com.

Annual net broadcast revenue Royalty fee
Up to £108,762 £60
Between £108,762 and £271,906 £179
Between £271,906 and £704,367 £446
Between £704,367 and £1,408,735 £1,196
Between £1,408,735 and £3,262,867 £1,795
Greater than £3,262,867 £4,187

Annual net broadcast revenue Royalty rate
Up to £30,360 £909
Between £30,360 and £704,367 3%
Between £704,367 and £1,408,736 4%
Greater than £1,408,736 5.25%
Subject to the annual minimum fee, where the total music use is less than 15% of the total broadcast time, and regardless of NBR level, the percentage rate will be 1%

Speech and low music usage stations

A royalty rate of one percent applies for stations which are licensed by OFCOM as “speech” stations and for which the total PRS-controlled music use is less than 30 percent of total broadcast time. This royalty rate also applies to any station for which the total PRS-controlled music use is less than 15 percent of total broadcast time.

Please note, the annual royalty fee as detailed above is payable in addition to the royalty rate.

Minimum annual fee

A minimum annual fee of £969 per licensed station is payable regardless of NBR.

The NBR bands, royalty fees and minima are adjusted yearly, from 1 October, by reference to inflation. All fees quoted are subject to VAT.

Key rights include:

  • The broadcast and simulcast of PRS for Music repertoire on radio services transmitted from the UK
  • The making available on-demand of previously-broadcast content for up to 30 days after original broadcast.
  • The copying of MCPS commercial music repertoire into programme material and trailers
  • The copying of MCPS production music repertoire into programme and non-programme content such as trailers and station idents
  • The copying of all MCPS repertoire onto databases and servers for the purpose of providing the broadcast service

Please note the above is a summary of the key terms of the licence and further conditions and exclusions may apply.

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