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Music Download Licence 

You will require this licence if you host audio and/or audio-visual content which is available for permanent download to users.

The licence fee due for a Music Download Licence is calculated as the greater of:

  • Royalty rate; OR
  • Minima (applicable minima based on number of tracks downloaded)

These are calculated as follows:

Royalty rate 8 % of Gross Revenue

Minimum fee per download
Note: A duration based multiplier applies to these minima. Please see our terms & conditions for full details
Single track 5p
2-4 tracks 4.5p
5-8 tracks 4p
9-12 tracks 3.5p
13-16 tracks 3p
17-29 tracks 2.5p
30+ tracks 2p

How do you apply for a licence?

Complete the application form below or call the Online Licensing Team on +44 (0)20 3741 4500 to discuss your requirements. You will have to provide details about your service and return a hard copy of the application form to us.

Download the application form

Download the summary terms & conditions

Download the full terms and conditions for the above licences

PRS for Music repertoire may vary from time to time and from licence to licence.


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