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Online Music Licences (OML) 

Online Music Licences (OML) are suitable for medium to large online and mobile music services in the UK where the annual revenue exceeds £200,000. There are two licences that make up the OML scheme: the Music Download Licence and the Music Streaming Licence.

What rights are covered by these licences?

The Music Download Licence and Music Streaming Licence cover the performing and mechanical rights in musical works for most types of UK music services. ‘Performing’ music includes playing audio visual and audio only files to users. The ‘mechanical’ rights include where music has been ‘copied’ or ‘reproduced’. This applies to the copying of the music file to be held on a server or database and any copy received by the end user.

Which licence do I need?

Music Download Licence

You will require this licence if you host audio and/or audio visual content available for permanent download to users.

View the Music Download Licence

Music Streaming Licence

You will require this licence if you host audio and/or audio visual content for users to play during their visit, but not for download to own.

View the Music Streaming Licence

Websites that offer a combination of download and streaming should apply for both a Music Download Licence and a Music Streaming Licence.

All Music Download and Music Streaming licensees are allocated a PRS for Music account manager. They will advise you and answer any queries you may have throughout the licensing process.

Licences for smaller services

If your music service generates revenues of less than £200,000 a year or uses a limited amount of music, please read more about our LOML and LOML+ schemes.

Still unsure which licence you need?

Contact the Online Licensing Team on +44 (0)20 3741 4500 or onlinelicensing@prsformusic.com

Online Karaoke Services

Please note PRS for Music is unable to offer a licence for certain repertoire works for online karaoke services. More information, and a detailed list of the excluded writers is available here.


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