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Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society The Corporate Productions Agreement covers the issuing of a product containing music for use in corporate communications and training initiatives in the UK.

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How to obtain clearance for music used in corporate productions.

What are the rights and formats covered under the scheme?

The scheme covers the mechanical (making copies of the music) and synchronisation (using music with audio-visuals) rights.

How do you obtain product clearance under the scheme?

If you are using Commercial and Production music you must obtain clearance for both separately before manufacture of the product can go ahead.

Where using Commerical music only:

To obtain clearance you must complete an Information Supply form.

Where using Production music only:

To obtain clearance, please refer to the Production Music section of this website.

Please note that separate clearance must be received from the sound recording owners. Contact us for more information.

How much do you pay?

Charges are negotiated on an individual basis.

How does the reporting and payment process work?

Where using Commerical music:

Request submitted to MCPS ---> MCPS discuss charges with relevant copyright holders (where MCPS members) ---> Request approved - MCPS inform you of charges ---> Application for clearance submitted to MCPS ---> Conditional clearance granted until payment received (within 7 days).

Where using Production music:

View the Production Music FAQs or Production Music Guide for further information.

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