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PRS for Music and PPL – how we work together 

PRS for Music and PPL currently offer joint licensing arrangements for:

It is important that customers have an easy, efficient and transparent experience in obtaining a music licence. PRS for Music and PPL are dedicated to improving the experience.

We license hundreds of thousands of businesses to use music. Without the support of licensing royalties songwriters, composers and performing members cannot continue to make the music we all love.

During 2014, we continued to work together on marketing activities such as trade exhibitions and hosting member events to raise awareness of our licences and services. We have also commissioned more MusicWorks research which provides insights into the value of music to businesses.

We continue to actively explore opportunities to work more closely together at an operational level, as part of simplifying and streamlining music licensing for our customers and our members. This includes trialling joint licensing by our respective field forces.

Our Small Business Music Users Panel was established so that representatives from a range of sectors can raise particular issues with us through our joint forum. It also allows us to update trade bodies on any future activities we are planning to work together on.

To help us deliver our ambition of improved music licensing experiences for our customers and licensees we have appointed a PRS for Music / PPL Programme Manager to facilitate our activities and ensure alignment between both organisations.

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