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Supporting creative economies 

Our Direct Licences are part of our wider aim to help the Gulf States establish the music rights infrastructure needed for their creative economies to grow.

PRS for Music and SACEM already represent and pay many Arabic language songwriters and composers for the use of their music, and we want to be able to further support songwriters and composers in the Gulf States by paying them any royalties that they may be due.

Music is good for business

Our customers use music that we provide to build their businesses, please their customers and promote their brand. Respecting copyright law, this allows creators to be fairly rewarded for the use of their work. The Gulf States are now one of the top business destinations in the world, attracting prestigious partners and events – and music is often a key part of this.

Encouraging investment

The Gulf States now have copyright law in place and the growing media markets needed to enable the development of their own creative economies. going forward this will encourage international media companies to invest in the region, help develop a creative economy and provide local songwriters, composers and music publishers with the support they need to keep creating.

For examples of the value of supporting music creation visit Why Music Matters

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