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Benefits of licensing with us 

There are currently no music rights organisations operating in the Gulf States and in the meantime copyright owners of music are entitled to protect their copyrights and license the use of their music either directly or via a party representing their interest (e.g. a performing right society or music publisher).

PRS for Music and SACEM represent many of these copyright owners and have launched a joint licensing initiative to provide simple access to the world’s best music for Gulf State businesses. 

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There are many reasons to license directly with us:

Dedicated International Licensing Department

PRS for Music and SACEM each have dedicated International Departments, which means we can offer you experienced and professional support.

Access to the world’s best music

We have set up agreements with other music rights societies and publishers across the world to represent their Anglo-American, Arabic and French rights and repertoire in the Gulf States.

Leading edge technology

Both PRS for Music and SACEM use the latest technology to make our collection and distribution of royalties even more accurate, including electronic reporting of music usage data and digital fingerprinting for monitoring purposes. 

Direct Licences – simple all-inclusive assurance

The licence is designed to suit your business and reflect your industry. It can cover all your services and the Gulf territories you operate in to allow you to use music in the content you produce and to distribute it worldwide. It can be flexible in structure to respond to your business needs as they develop. We will recognise the efforts of businesses that want to use music legitimately.

Businesses that have a Direct Licence and comply with international copyright law will benefit in this changing landscape. It will promote your support and respect of intellectual property rights. In turn this growing recognition of intellectual property will help attract yet more business to the Gulf States and create wealth for the wider creative economy.

Contact us for the simple all-inclusive assurance you need to use music as part of your business.



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