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What is copyright? 

Copyright protects original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works. It allows an original work to be considered a property that is owned by somebody.

When does copyright begin?

In music, copyright begins automatically once a piece of music is created, and documented or recorded, for example, on video, tape or CD.

Why do you need to pay to use music?

If you play music in your business you need clearance from the owners of that music. PRS for Music represents the owners and can get you the clearances you need, enabling you access to the world's music in the most efficient way. We distribute the money collected from our licensees back to our songwriter, composer and music publisher members in the form of royalties. We only deduct a small administration fee to cover our operating costs. 

If you want to check the repertoire that we cover, please visit ISWC's database: http://iswcnet.cisac.org

How much does it cost?

Our music rates are really competitive, and the cost will be determined by what you intend to do with music. Contact our Gibraltean agent to find out more.

What happens if you don't obtain clearance?

If you don't obtain clearance for your use of copyright music, you could face legal action for copyright infringement and may become liable to pay damages and costs.


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