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Stelios Pisis 

    Stelios Pisis receives PRS for Music Recognition Award

    Stelio PisisPRS for Music has presented Cypriot composer Stelios Pisis with an award that recognises his contribution to music and culture.

    Stelios, who has suffered from muscular dystrophy since the age of five, is now completely bed ridden. But, by using technology, he has been able to continue composing and orchestrating music, achieving numerous awards in the process.

    In 2007, directors Kostas Kakogiannis and Pabos Kuzalis made the documentary Transcendence about Stelios, in which he revealed the deeper meaning of his life and explained how composing music has kept him alive.

    It was no surprise when the moving film won first prize for music in the Cyprus Short Films Festival. 

    The chairman and board of PRS for Music are proud to recognise the many achievements of Stelios, and congratulate him for his contribution to music.

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