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Radio - Local, Digital and Internet 

Where does the money come from?

Radio stations which broadcast either locally, on digital networks, or via the internet.

How are royalties calculated?

We're continuing our pledge to remove broadcast sampling as a method of determining royalty payments wherever it is economically viable to do so. You will receive payment for every broadcast on the following radio stations:

  • All BBC local radio stations
  • All BBC regional radio stations
  • Virgin FM
  • Virgin Classic Rock
  • Virgin Extreme
  • Capital Gold Network
  • Magic 105.4
  • Heart Birmingham
  • Classic Gold Network
  • BBC 6 Music
  • BBC 1Extra
  • BBC Five Live Sports Extra
  • BBC 7

Don't forget that music used on stations that have been moved from sample to census will have a lower per minute value, since the available money is divided between many more performances.

For all other local/digital/internet stations, you will only receive payment if your music is broadcast on one of the sample days for that station. The value of each play is dependent on the revenue received from and the amount of music sampled on each station. The same fee is collected from each station, regardless of the level of sampling used.

View a list of current and archive per minute values and sample days / (affiliated societies click here)

What is the administration rate?

View current PRS for Music administration deduction rates

When do we pay?

We aim to pay royalties quarterly, as shown in this table (opens PDF in new window).

NB: the top row shows the month the performance took place. The second row shows the target distribution payment month.

If we receive usage information late from the broadcaster, we will pay the resulting royalties in the next available distribution.

Can royalties be backdated?

Yes. You can back-claim royalties up to 3 years after the period they should have been paid in (see schedule above).

Why might I not have been paid for a local/digital/internet radio broadcast?

Are you sure your music has been broadcast on one of our sample days?

Download and check the sample day list above.

Are you sure that the broadcaster played your music on the sample day?

Contact the broadcaster to find out more.

Are you sure your music has been registered correctly?

Check our database

Was the broadcast more than 3 months ago?

We pay broadcast royalties quarterly, so your work must have been broadcast at least 3 months ago for you to receive a royalty (see diagram above). If broadcast information was received late, you will receive payment in the next available period.

Have we been able to identify the performance of your music?

Sometimes due to incomplete details being received, we are unable to match broadcasts to music on our database. To find out if any of your music remains unidentified, please use our Check Unpaid Performances service.

Need more help?

If after checking the above you still haven’t received payment, please contact us.

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