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Public reception 

Where does the money come from?

Royalties are collected from licensed venues using televisions or radios as background entertainment.

How are royalties calculated?

Revenues for this type of music use are not distributed separately. We conduct a survey to identify which TV and radio services are being used then, to simplify the payment of royalties, roll the revenues into the appropriate TV and radio broadcast royalties. Because of this, broadcast services which are not represented in our survey do not receive an allocation of public reception revenue.

What is the administration rate?

View PRS for Music administration deduction rates

When do we pay?

We aim to pay royalties quarterly, as shown in this table (opens PDF in new window).

If we receive usage information late, we will pay the resulting royalties in the next available distribution period.

Can royalties be backdated?

Because of the way public reception revenue is distributed, separate back claims for it are not accepted. However, back claims for broadcast royalties will automatically include the appropriate back claim of public reception money. Read our TV back claims or radio back claims information to learn more.

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