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We collect royalties when your music is made available to the UK public by online and mobile service providers.

Where does the money come from?

Most of the money comes from online and mobile music services licensed under the Online Music Licences (OML) or the Limited Online Music Licences plus (LOML+). For smaller scale services, generating less than £12,500 per annum gross revenue, we have Limited Online Music Licences (LOML).

The OML, LOML+ and LOML are blanket schemes that enable music services to use all of our members’ repertoire.

We also operate a separate scheme to collect and pay you money when your music is used as a ringtone.

What do we charge a customer for the use of your music?

For music services licensed under the OML Music Download Licence, please see the OML Music Download Licence Summary T&Cs for a guide to the fee structure.

For music services licensed under LOML+ fees of up to £15,000+ VAT a year are payable depending on the scale and type of use.

For music services licensed under LOML, fees of up to £1,176+ VAT a year are payable depending on the scale and type of use.

How are royalties calculated?

We split the money that we collect from online and mobile services in the following way:

Permanent download 75% 25%
On-demand stream / limited download 50% 50%
Webcasting / interactive webcasting 25% 75%
Ringtones 66.67% 33.33%

Do we pay you for each track used?

We will pay you for a track as long as we are sent the required information from the digital music supplier and we can automatically match it to information stored in our database. For download stores, approximately 90 percent of downloads are paid out. A high proportion of the 90 percent is achieved through automatic matching, the remaining downloads are manually matched when it is cost effective to do so.

Royalties from the online and mobile music providers listed below are paid directly from the money that we collect from them (e.g. money collected from iTunes is paid out to members that have had their music downloaded from iTunes).

For companies that generate less money (through either our OML, LOML+ or LOML schemes) we pool all the revenue collected and pay it out according to the data that we have.

This minimises costs and maximises the money that we pay to you.

What is the administration rate?


When do we pay?

For companies that generate more than £20,000 per annum, we pay online royalties quarterly according to the schedules below. This means that your music must have been performed at least 3 months ago for you to receive a royalty.

NB: on each diagram, the top row shows the month the performance took place. The second row shows the target distribution payment month.

Distribution schedules:

We aim to pay royalties quarterly, as shown in this table (opens PDF in new window).

Need more help?

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For further information on online services offering music, contact writerquery@prsformusic.com or publisherquery@prsformusic.com

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