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Live music concerts 

Where does the money come from?

From UK concert venues, such as The Royal Albert Hall or Milton Keynes Bowl, where music is performed live. These types of event are usually ticketed and often have large capacities. We make individual per concert royalty charges using a variety of tariffs, of which the two largest are:

LC – Live Classical

This covers classical music concerts. Each year venues opt to be charged either a flat rate, currently 4.8 percent of the box office receipts, or on a sliding scale based on the amount of copyright music performed which currently goes up to 8 percent of box office receipts.

LP – Live Popular

This covers popular and other styles of music. Venues are charged 3 percent of box office receipts.

How are royalties calculated?

Both tariffs are currently sampled at 100 percent, so if your performance qualifies under LC or LP you should receive a royalty payment. Music festivals will usually fall under a combination of these two tariffs.

Where we have invoiced a specific royalty amount for an event, that money is distributed across the works reported in the various performance set lists or programmes of the performers. All works in each concert are treated equally and the royalty is divided between them in proportion to their performed duration.

What is the administration rate?

View PRS for Music administration deduction rates

When do we pay?

We aim to pay as soon as possible after receiving the set lists/programmes and licence fees.

Can royalties be backdated?

Yes. Royalties for concerts can usually be backdated. If we have not paid you correctly in a distribution, then you have up to three years after the distribution you should have been paid in (as indicated in the schedule above) to let us know.

Why might I not have been paid for a concert performance?

Was the concert in our sample?

Only venues licensed under tariff LC/LP are included automatically. Other concerts are still sampled – see our concerts selected for distribution list.

Are you sure your music has been registered correctly?

Check our database

Have we received a setlist/programme for the performance?

You can view our concerts selected for distribution list to view performances included in our sample and check that we have received a set list for a particular performance.

Are you sure the performance was a concert performance?

Not all live performances are classed as concert events. Gigs and recitals at smaller music venues are not covered by our concert tariffs, nor are performances at clubs, pubs, bars, restaurants and similar venues that are usually not ticketed. See how we distribute for other live events.

If you need to you can report a live performance online.

Need more help?

If after checking the above you still haven’t received a payment you think you should already have had, please contact us.

Live concert service

For very large live concert events, PRS for Music can operate a special tailored live concert service. The benefits of this service are that PRS for Music will endeavour to pay the royalties in an agreed, quicker timescale and to an agreed fixed administration cost. A number of conditions must be fulfilled in order to use this service. Please contact us for more information.

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