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About your PRS statement 

The following information explains how to understand your PRS for Music royalty payment statement. 

What is a royalty payment?

A royalty payment occurs quarterly and is when we inform you of your royalty entitlement for the relevant period.

Distribution Number

There are four main PRS for Music royalty payments throughout the year. Each is referred to by a code:

Payment Date YYYYMMDN*
April 2009041
July 2009071
Oct 2009101
Dec 2009121

Where DN = Distribution Number (e.g the first payment will be 1, second payment 2 etc).

Mini Royalty payments

What is a mini distribution?

Mini distributions are payments made to members outside of the normal quarterly distributions and are processed weekly.

Each is referred to by a code in the following format: YYYYMMA*.

Where A = Alpha (e.g. the first payment would be A, second payment would be B etc).

Major publishers can choose to be excluded from Mini Distributions or can set a minimum threshold.

Membership Number (CAE/IPI)

Every member is allocated a unique 9-digit number that you will find on any correspondence. This is internationally recognised.


Any changes to music you've been paid for will be shown in an adjustments section at the end of your statement. This section will show old and new shares and the reason for the changes.

Asterisked Works

Where you see an asterisk alongside the work title on the following Work Details pages, this denotes that PRS for Music has made payment to you on the basis of an un-notified work. This means we have not received all of the required information from you. Either:

  • If you registered the piece of music please send us a copy of the notification form
  • Or
  • If you haven’t registered the piece of music please do so online

Changes to payment for unnotified works

The Publisher Operational Group and PRS for Music took a proposal to the Distribution Committee recommending we no longer pay performing shares to publishers where works have not been fully registered. The Distribution Committee which consists of both writer and publisher members of MCPS and PRS approved the recommendation. This took effect from the April 2012 PRS distribution.

There will be a minor change to the text beside some work entries in the Search Our Database function within the online service. ‘Suggested publishers’, often referred to as ‘notified publishers’, will no longer be displayed on work entries that have not been registered. Instead these entries will show the message ‘share owner being confirmed’ and there will be a link on the work entry to the online registration form for members who wish to register a claim.

What are the benefits of this?

  • It will ensure that publisher members do not receive monies that they cannot account onwards to their writers and clients
  • It will reduce inaccurate payments and the need for adjustments
  • It will align processes across MCPS and PRS so that all members receive unnotified works data and are required to register their claims to complete accurate works information

When did the change happen?

From April 2012, published PRS work entries that were not fully registered were no longer paid out.

What should I do?

If you have not been receiving any payments on unnotified works, then you do not need to do anything.

How will I know if I have received money from unnotified works?

If you have received monies for unnotified works in the last year we would have emailed or posted you a list of possible unnotified works to review and register if necessary. 


If we don't know the duration of your music, it will show on your statement as a default 00:03:01. Multiple performances will be combined (e.g. two performances will be shown as 00:06:02). Online royalties are calculated on the number of downloads rather than duration of performance.

Non-Member Royalties

Please note that where a publisher member's share exceeds 50%, the excess is accountable to the non-member writers.

Back-Dated Royalties

Members can claim a maximum of three years' back-dated royalties, provided they have been a member during that period. New members can claim from the effective commencement date of their membership.

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