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Limited online music licence (LOML) 

The Limited Online Music Licence (LOML) covers small online services offering music or general entertainment content to the UK public where the revenue generated by the service is less than £12,500 per year.

The licence also covers limited podcasting, on-demand karaoke streaming services, permanent karaoke download services and ringtones. Services generating in excess of £12,500 a year are licensed by the Limited Online Music Licence Plus (LOML+) or the Online Music Licence (OML). The LOML rates are based on the JOL rates as determined by the UK Copyright Tribunal.

How often should you expect to be paid?

Distribution will take place annually, on a pro-rata basis.

Do we pay you for each track used?


What do we charge a customer for the use of your music?

A full LOML rate guide can be found on the LOML page.

What commission rate do you pay us on the royalties collected?


What does the scheme exclude?

Please see a copy of the 'LOML: summary of key terms and conditions'.

For a full list of customers who have signed up to the LOML scheme use our search tool.

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