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General Entertainment Online Licence 

General Entertainment Online Licences (GEOL)  are designed for audio and audio-visual services offering 'general entertainment' content where music is not the primary focus (i.e. as distinct from music services).

GEOL covers interactive or on-demand services (including streaming or downloading) over the internet, mobile or TV platforms.

GEOL download-to-own and on demand rental

The following royalty rate and minimum fees apply to a-la-carte download and rental services:

Royalty rate TV Film
2.5% gross revenue 1p for on demand rental 3p for on demand rental
3p for download-to-own 10p for download-to-own

All other GEOL services

Licence fees for all other services (including catch up, free to consumer, subscription or ad-funded) are calculated on an individual basis, using a number of standard factors. They include:

  • Music hours consumed
  • Viewer/subscriber figures
  • Level of music use
  • Revenue generated

What’s the commission rate on the royalties collected?

10 percent

How often should you expect to be paid if your music is used on these services?

Line by line distributions will take place on a quarterly basis for the royalties paid by the large scale licensees that are required to provide full reporting. Annual pro-rata distributions will take place for royalties from the smaller scale licensees.

How do customers report their music usage?

Customers are required to report details of the total level of music usage, including the different types of use (such as streaming or downloading), quarterly or annually as agreed between parties.


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