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The DVD1 Agreement is aimed at record companies and others who make DVD-Video music products to sell to the public. We’ll look at their trading history, creditworthiness and administrative capability.

How often should you expect to be paid?

Quarterly, 52 days after the quarter end.

Do we pay you for each track used?


What do we charge a customer for the use of your music?

  • Category A (DVD singles) - 8.5% of Published Dealer Price, or 6.5% of Retail Price
  • Category B (Hybrid DVDs) - 7.25% of Published Dealer Price, or 5.54% of Retail Price
  • Category C (DVD-Video albums) - 6.25% of Published Dealer Price, or 4.78 of Retail Price

Where hybrids are generally mixed CD and DVD packages or similarly Dualdiscs.

What commission rate do you pay us on the royalties collected?


Do record companies and others pay for every DVD they produce?

The label pays for the ones they ship out (minus returns), accounted to us quarterly.

Special considerations

If you flagged ‘first licence refusal’ when you registered the music, we will ask you first before we approve the use of your music.

What does the scheme allow?

The sale of music DVDs to the public for their own private use.

What does the scheme exclude?

The onward rental of the DVD (public libraries have special arrangements). Record clubs (dealt with under the AP6 scheme). Complete recordings of dramatico musical works (we will direct requests to you).


If your music is sampled or your music is re-arranged or re-worked, we will inform you via email so that you can take the appropriate action. Check our Procedure for Copyright Works Containing Samples.

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