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What is the name of the scheme?

Joint Import Licensing Scheme (JIL)

Who is it aimed at?

The JIL grants customers the right to import into the UK (from outside the EEA) for distribution and sale any audio, audio-visual, karaoke, toy or giftware item which has been lawfully manufactured and which contains our members’ music works and where relevant BPI and AIM members’ sound recordings.

How often should you expect to be paid?

The distribution timing for JIL is variable due to it being pro rata income.

Do we pay you for each track used?

No, the money collected is distributed on a pro rata basis.

What do we charge a customer for the use of your music?

For products where there is no use of the original sound recording half the royalty rate will be charged except in the case of karaoke products where the rate is higher due to use of graphic rights, so £1.15 will be collected.

Musical Work Rights only (where the sound recording right has already been cleared) Musical work and sound recording rights
Music products (e.g. CDs) (per copy) Non-music products (e.g. toys with music) (per copy) Music products (e.g.CDs) (per copy) Non-music products (e.g. toys with music) (per copy)
<25 mins of music £0.24 £0.08 £0.48 £0.15
25 mins or more of music £0.65 £0.20 £1.30 £0.40
Karaoke product £1.15 N/A £1.80 N/A

All rates are exclusive of VAT

Non-music means a pre-recorded audio or audio-visual product whose main feature or primary purpose is not the music it contains or makes use of. i.e. a musical jewellery box is a non-music product.

What commission rate do you pay us on the royalties collected?


Further information

View the full terms and conditions for this scheme 



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