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The NP1 Agreement is aimed at companies who use music in novelties such as badges, mugs, non-retail computer games and arcade games.

How we collect money for your music used in novelties.

How often should you expect to be paid?

Monthly (in arrears).

Do we pay you for each track used?


What do we charge a customer for the use of your music?

We negotiate directly with the member as this can vary depending on the product type and nature of use.

What commission rate do you pay us on the royalties collected?


Special Considerations

Licences will not be granted without the prior approval of the copyright owner.

What does the scheme exclude?

Greeting cards using audio-only content (covered under the Multimedia Scheme).

Greeting cards accompanied by an audio CD (covered under the AP7a Scheme).

Interactive games for retail sale (see separate Interactive Games scheme).


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