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The GI7 Agreement is aimed at publishers who sell magazines with free general interest (i.e TV drama, fitness, sports, feature films) CDs/DVDs to the public or run token schemes with a related retailer.

How we collect money for your music used on general interest cover-mounted CDs/DVDs supplied with magazines.

How often should you expect to be paid?

Monthly (in arrears)

Do we pay you for each track used?


What do we charge a customer for the use of your music?

Works Covermounted Products Token Collect Product
Repertoire Work(excl. commissioned Works)

0.375 pence per work per unit 1.35 pence per work per unit
Commissioned Works <50% of total product duration

0.75 pence per unit 2.7 pence per unit
Commissioned Work >50% of total product duration 1.5 pence per unit 5.4 pence per unit

What commission rate do you pay us on the royalties collected?


What does the scheme exclude?

Third party sponsorship (this is covered under the SG3 scheme).


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