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MCPS members paid for BBC downloads in North America 

MCPS members paid for BBC downloads in North America


Last year, we reported on a new deal between MCPS and BBC Worldwide which enabled US-based iTunes customers to download BBC programmes containing MCPS members’ music. Following promising sales of a small number of BBC programmes, MCPS has agreed to extend this deal until 31 December 2011 and to allow other download stores in the US and Canada to offer BBC programmes for sale. A summary of the deal:


BBC Worldwide pay a 17% headline royalty rate for the use of MCPS members’ music, with the royalty being pro-rated on a programme by programme basis to reflect the level of music content within each download.


For example:

• if a download of a BBC programme via iTunes generates $1.40
• then 30 minutes of MCPS members’ music in a ½ hour programme would generate 17% of $1.40
• therefore 15 minutes of MCPS members’ music in a ½ hour programme would generate 8.5% of $1.40


The deal extends our current blanket agreement with BBC Worldwide and covers all synchronisation/reproduction rights for downloads via North American download services. The deal is subject to the provision that direct approval is sought from members for the inclusion of US/Canada-originating works. The deal does not include music programming (e.g. Later with Jools Holland).


In accordance with the terms of the Online Annex to the MCPS Membership Agreement, MCPS members have the option of not including their repertoire under this agreement. In the past this option has been taken up by a small number of members, although the strength of the collective is important to our licensing.


Members not wanting MCPS to collect online royalties on their behalf for the uses outlined above have 30 days from 18 December 2009 (i.e. until 18 January 2010) to notify us in writing. If you are considering exercising the opt-out option, please let our publisher enquiries team know first.


Please note that should any issues arise with the provision of specific musical works in the BBC content then there is a notice and takedown provision within the agreement.


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