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Independent Production Company Blanket Licence 

IPC blanket licence and your music


The Independent Production Company (IPC) blanket licence provides a simple and cost effective way for independent TV producers to access your music without the need to clear works individually.

The licence is used primarily by programme producers for Channel 4, Five and S4C, and all of the major production companies have signed up to it, including Endemol, RDF, Objective and Olga.

While the licence offers producers simplicity and ease of use, and thus encourages the use of MCPS members' music, some members have requested that we provide a mechanism to allow certain works to be excluded from being licensed under the scheme when it is renewed.

If you have any works that you do not wish to be included in the licence, please provide us with the full details using the form on the IPC exclusions page and then forward it to tvprogrammes@prsformusic.com.

Should you have any questions about the IPC licence and the exclusions list, please contact the publisher enquiry team.

Further information on the IPC licence.  


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