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Japanese advert royalties 

PRS members can request that PRS waive the collection of royalties by JASRAC for a limited period under specific conditions. This is to enable members to license those rights directly when commissioned to compose music for a commercial advertisement intended for broadcast in Japan. The scheme is intended to enable our members to compete for advertising campaign commissions in the Japanese market on a level playing field with local and other international writers.

Under the scheme, PRS appoints the commissioned writer to act as PRS’ agent for the purpose of granting the advertiser a licence to broadcast the work as part of the advertisement for which it was commissioned and agrees not to request further royalties from the advertiser either directly or through JASRAC, its local affiliate on the writer’s behalf.

Members need to complete the Japanese Television Commercial waiver form and send it to internationalasia@prsformusic.com to apply for the waiver, who will inform the Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers (JASRAC). JASRAC will not license the commercial with advertising agencies following the notification.

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