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Where does the money come from?

Royalties are collected from all licensed venues using DJs.

How are royalities calculated?

DJ performances are paid using either an analogy based on a sample survey or by claims made under the gigs and clubs scheme.


Music researchers are sent to collect performance details directly from DJs at a statistically valid random sample of venues across the UK. This information is used to construct an analogy from broadcast data of performances of similar repertoire, which supplements the sample survey data. Most of the revenue is distributed across the data collected in the sample survey, with only about 30 percent being distributed over the broadcast analogy.

Gigs and clubs scheme

DJ members performing mostly their own works may also consider using the gigs and clubs scheme. Under certain conditions, this allows the reporting of performed set lists online. See details of the gigs and clubs scheme.

What is the administration rate?

View PRS for Music administration deduction rates

When do we pay?

We aim to pay royalties quarterly, as shown in this table (opens PDF in new window).

The top row shows the month the performance took place. The second row shows the target distribution payment month.

Gigs and clubs scheme claims follow a similar timetable, but depend upon when members submit their claims.

Can royalties be backdated?

Royalties cannot be backdated as such for the sample survey analogy. However, if we have not paid you correctly in a distribution, detailed in the schedule above , you have up to three years after that distribution to let us know.

The gigs and clubs scheme has it’s own timetable for submitting claims. See details of the gigs and clubs scheme.

Why might I not have been paid for a DJ performance?

Was the performance included in our sample?

Except for gigs and clubs scheme claims, royalties will only be paid for music included in our sample survey or broadcast music analogy process.

Have you made a claim under the Gigs and clubs scheme?

Check your Gigs & clubs scheme claims here

Are you sure your music has been registered correctly?

Check our database

Was the performance more than three months ago?

We pay DJ performance royalties quarterly (see detailed in the schedule above) so your work must have been performed at least three months ago for you to receive a royalty. If information is received late, you will receive payment in the next available distribution.

Need more help?

If after checking the above you still haven’t received a payment you think you should already have had, please contact us.


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