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How do I set up my online account?

To obtain a Member Password which enables you to use our online services, go to the Online Account registration page. Once you have entered your details and they have been authenticated, you will be sent an email containing a link to the password confirmation page. After you have correctly answered the sign-up question you will be able to choose a password for your online account.

Sign up for an online account

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How do I change my personal/contact details?

If you wish to inform us of a change in your bank details please visit the ‘Change my details’ page. Please note that we don’t accept requests by post, email or phone.

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How do I change the details of my online account?

To modify the password for your online account go to the ‘Change my login password’ page and follow the instructions. Passwords must contain at least 7 characters including at least one Non-Alpha/Numeric Character (for example !£$%*&+#). If you have forgotten your password and wish to reset it, follow the instructions on this page.

To change your personal details associated with your online account, such as contact name, postal address, email address or telephone number, visit the ‘Change my login account details’ page.

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How do I reset my online account password?

You can reset your online account password on the website here.

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How do I register my songs or works?

Works are registered using our online services. You are only required to register music which has been or is about to be recorded, broadcast or performed.

To register your works online, visit the 'Register/amend works' page. You can only register your songs online, and use our other Online Services, once you have set up your online account.

Publisher members will need to supply an agreement number when registering works.

If you do not have an agreement number, in the first instance, please check that the agreement has been registered previously. If not, please register your agreement using the online form.

If you have already registered the agreement but cannot locate your number you can find it in the ‘search your agreement’ option when registering a work in the Online Registration (OLR) system.

For more information on agreement numbers, please take a look at our FAQs.

If you are a publisher looking to register many works and wish to use commercially available software to register songs please contact us to discuss using CWR.

Register/amend works service

View a step-by-step guide on how to register and amend your works

View the Song Registration FAQ

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How do I amend a work that is already registered?

Firstly, find the existing version of the work using the Search Our Database function. Open the full details by clicking on the icon. Within the Work Type area, there is a "Register an Amendment to this Work" option; selecting this will load all the existing work details into the ‘Register my music online’ form. Once you have made your changes, this will create another entry in the database, and will be a listed as a ‘possible match’ of the original work until ‘activity’ is reported and the entries are merged in to one.

You will need to have an online account to use this function.

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How do I check details of a work and/or view my registered works?

You can check works that are registered with us by using the Search Our Database online service. This allows you to quickly locate details about a particular piece of music or recording. There are a variety of search options available to suit your needs and to enable you to find what you are looking for quickly and easily. You will need to have an online account to use this function.

You can search for all works registered to a specific Membership Number (CAE/IPI) or name using this service.

If you have found incorrect data, or you cannot see your registered work on the database after 2 days of submitting it, please contact Member Services directly with details of your concerns.

Access Search Our Database

Download a guide to searching our database

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What does 'possible match' mean?

When looking at the details of a work on our database, you may find the work is linked to other works, called ‘possible matches’. These are works currently on our system that may be possible duplicates or recent amendments sent in for a specific work. The 'possible match' entries remain visible on the work until we receive reporting of the work’s usage. At this point the work becomes ‘active’.

When a work becomes ‘active’, any related works will be manually consolidated into one correct work to enable it to be licensed for royalties. Any 'possible matches' that are actually unrelated will be unmatched from the work. This process will ensure that we don't have duplicate versions on our system for works that are about to be used to make a royalty payment.

‘Possible match’ entries will only be visible when works are inactive or when works have just recently become active. To ensure that we capture all possible related works the 'possible match' criteria is quite broad so you may see a possible match that you know is unrelated. Don’t worry, this will be removed when the work becomes ‘active’ and is being merged.

After royalties are paid on a work, further possible matches may start to appear over the subsequent period until the work is next active and royalties have been generated for payment.

You do not need to contact us if you see an unrelated work as a ‘possible match’ as these entries will be updated and merged if they become active or if a conflict is identified. If you believe a work should be linked with another entry but it is not listed under ‘possible matches’, please contact Member Services.

Search Our Database Details on 'activity'

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What are ‘Active Case Indicators’?

The Active Case Indicators show if a work is being investigated by our copyright team due to recent reported activity (for example to consolidate any ‘possible match’ entries). Only works that require manual intervention by our copyright team and have reached (or exceeded) the current value threshold will have an ‘active case indicator’ applied.

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When can I expect to see my registered works on the database?

  • Work registrations submitted online or via CWR form are loaded on to our database within 2 working days of receipt
  • New online agreement registrations will be processed within 2 days of receipt
  • Conflicting agreements registrations will be notified within 10 working days of receipt

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How do I search cue sheets?

PRS for Music members who have an online account can use our Search Cue Sheets service. This allows you to see whether your registered works are listed as being used in a specific film or television production. Further information on searching cue sheets can be found when visiting the service.

Search cue sheets

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How do I raise a query?

To raise a query with Member Services, please visit this page:

Raise a query

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What do I do when I get an error message or an incomplete page when I try to open a page or use a service?

This may be due to your third party cookies settings.

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Can I see my royalty payment statement online?

Currently you cannot, but we are committed to expanding our services further in the future.

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