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My PRS statement has not arrived, what should I do?

If you are yet to receive your statement please contact us. Please allow 3 working days after the royalty payment date if you live in the UK and 10 working days if you live overseas before contacting us.

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I believe I have been paid incorrectly, what can I do?

If you think that the amount you have been paid for songs that you have registered is incorrect, and you have not found the solution on this page, please contact Member Services who will investigate further.

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I haven't received my money from the last royalty payment date, what can I do?

Please note that our PRS for Music royalty payment dates are on the 15th of April, July, October and December. If you live in the UK the funds will clear in your account within 24 hours of royalty payment. If you live overseas please allow five to ten working days for the funds to clear. If you still need assistance, please contact us outlining your query so we can investigate.

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When will I get paid?

PRS for Music pays royalties quarterly April, July, October and December, and takes place on the 15th of the month, or the closest working day. MCPS royalty payments are monthly, and take place on the last working day of the month. For detailed information regarding when you can expect to be paid your royalties, please visit:

PRS for Music royalty payment schedule

MCPS royalty payment schedule

For details on how we collect and pay money from different sources (such as radio play, television, live venues, shops and clubs) please visit:

PRS for Music royalty sources MCPS royalty sources

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How much do I get paid for a particular broadcast?

For radio/audio visual broadcasts - a lot of radio/TV stations are in fact under our sample policy whereby we only collect on the days of broadcast that our randomly generated sample date falls. For all sample day information please go to this page. Cross reference the information you have against the sample tables. If your broadcast falls on one of the dates listed, use our unclaimed performances search engine on our site to search for that particular broadcast. If you find the broadcast, please put in a claim by clicking on the 'claim' icon. You can only use this function if you have signed up for an online account.

If you cannot find these on our unclaimed performances search engine on our site, contact us with the station and broadcast date information. Please note, we can only back claim performances that have been reported to us from the date of your effective membership date with a maximum back date of three years from the claim date. Also, if your work was not registered at the time of broadcast, we may not be able to collect royalties for you. You should only chase this with us if two PRS for Music royalty payments have passed since the broadcast date.

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I don’t understand my statements

For help understanding your PRS for Music statement, visit this page. If you need help understanding your MCPS statement follow this link, or view this guide.

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Can I see my statement online?

Currently you cannot, but we are committed to expanding our services further in the future.

You can opt for eStatements to be sent to you via email rather paper statements.

Request electronic statements

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What are the minimum royalty payment thresholds?

The minimum payable amount of royalties for all UK members is £30, while the minimum for all overseas members is £60.

View details on the minimum payment amount for MCPS royalty payments.

View details on the minimum payment amount for PRS royalty payments.

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How much will I get paid for my live performance?

UK Concert Venues and Festivals

If you perform at a Concert Venue or Major Festival the royalty generated is dependent on the amount taken at the box office.

Find out information on how live royalties are calculated

UK concert venues are typically those venues whose principle business is promoting regular musical events.

Find out more about UK Concert Venues and Festivals

UK Gigs, Clubs and Small Venues scheme

If you perform at a pub, club, bar, community centre or hotel each event will generate a net royalty of roughly £6.

Find out more about the Gigs, Clubs and Small Venues scheme

Overseas Live Performances

PRS for Music members can earn royalties from performances of their works at gigs and festivals outside the UK Find out more about Overseas Live Performances  

Malta Gigs, Clubs and Small Venues scheme

PRS for Music members in Malta can be part of the Gigs, Clubs and Small Venues scheme and claims can be submitted online. Find out more about the Gigs, Clubs and Small Venues scheme in Malta  

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How can I get financial advice?

Members frequently ask us for advice when it comes to financial matters. As we cannot provide this type of advice, we've compiled a list of qualified music business financial advisors who have agreed to help you in our Accountancy Referral Service.

See the list of accountants in the PRS for Music Accountancy Referral Service

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How do I collect overseas royalties?

MCPS - You should notify us if you know your music has been released overseas provided you are not sub-published in the country of release. Report overseas music usage.

PRS - If you haven’t received royalties you were expecting in, you should check the PRS overseas payment schedule. Find out more information.

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What is my upcoming royalty payment amount?

PRS for Music - You can normally find your upcoming royalty payment amount on your main online account page, roughly 5 working days before the payment date.

MCPS - We pay mechanical royalties monthly. Your MCPS royalty payment amount is not available online.

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I believe I am owed royalties from a previous year

If you believe you are owed money, please raise a query with us.

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Can I claim royalties from a previous time period?

It is possible to claim royalties from a previous time period. In order to do so you must open up what is known as a back-claim request.

PRS for Music - back-claim requests varies between revenue streams.

View more information about PRS for Music back-claims

MCPS - back-claims arise when the status of a piece of music changes (e.g. if you register music that has already been released and was previously unregistered). They allow you to claim royalties owed to you for the use of your music.

View more information about MCPS back-claim requests

If you wish to proceed with making a back-claim, please raise a Service Request

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