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Welcome to PRS for Music. Follow the steps below to get started:

1. Check your details are correct

It’s very important we have your correct details as it helps us ensure you get paid for the use of your music. So the first thing you should do when logging in is make sure your address, bank account and contact details are accurate.

Please check and update your account

The My Account section also lets you add any pseudonyms you perform under or details of additional users, such as a manager or agent, to your account.

2. Works registration

Remembering to register your works as accurately as possible is one of your most important tasks as a member. It’s essential so we know who to pay royalties to when music is used. Works should appear in our database within 48 hours once registered.

Are you published? If so, remember it is important to check with your publisher before registering any works as this is usually their responsibility.

Register your works

3. Search the database

The Search Our Database tool lets you search for any music or recording registered with us. There are a variety of search options available to help you find what you are looking for quickly and easily.

Please remember to check the accuracy of your work details once they’re in our database.

Search our database

4. Tell us about your live performances

Do you perform your own songs live? If so, you could be due a payment. This applies to any music genre so make sure you let us know if you are:

  • gigging in your local pub
  • performing your classical piece at a music society
  • playing a set at a festival
  • performing any other live performances in a venue

Find out more information about earning from your live performances

Report a performance

5. Distribution

View our full distribution schedule to find out if your royalties are due.

The amount you will be paid (for PRS distributions) is visible on your Member Homepage five working days before our distributions are paid.

Are you missing royalties? Please use our online tool to check whether you should have been paid.

Check your latest royalty payment
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