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Thirteen-year-old singer Quinn Outerbridge, winner of the Beachfest Crown Song Competition 2014. Pictured with local producers DemBiez and Chewstick co-founder Gavin ‘Djata’ Smith.

Quinn Outerbridge (13) was crowned the winner of the inaugural Beachfest Crown Song Competition, presented by PRS for Music in conjunction with Chewstick Foundation, as part of the Bermuda 2014 Beachfest Emancipation Celebrations.   

Open to all amateur and professional Bermudian and resident artists, the Beachfest Crown Song Competition helps local music talent hone their craft and gives songwriters a once in a lifetime opportunity in perform in front of a large audience. The Beachfest Crown Song Competition sets out to not only promote the Bermudian music community but also to celebrate Bermuda’s rich history, emancipation and local culture.

Desmond Townsend from PRS for Music said, “We’re absolutely delighted that so many wonderful artists have entered the ‘Beachfest Crown Song Competition’. PRS for Music is honoured to be part of the event that celebrates songwriting and shines a spotlight on musical talent in Bermuda. Music is a key part of Bermudian culture and the Beachfest Crown Song Competition will only serve to develop the island’s stars of tomorrow."

PRS for Music is an organisation that represents the rights of thousands songwriters and composers worldwide. They help businesses and community groups get permission to use some of the world’s best loved music, while making sure that songwriter, composer and publisher members are paid every time their music is played.

PRS for Music is the appointed collection society for Bermuda, and its membership is open to all composers, songwriters and music publishers. Notable PRS for Music members of Bermudian origin include Heather Nova, Stan (Lord Necktie) Seymour, and the late Hubert Smith.

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