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New tariff for Eating and Drinking Establishments in Bermuda 

9 October 2015

PRS for Music and The Chamber’s Restaurant Sector announce a new tariff for Eating and Drinking Establishments

  • Waiver of any applicable past fees for hospitality sector establishments
  • Limited time offer – obtain a licence before 31 October 2015

PRS for Music and the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce's Restaurant Division are pleased to announce an agreed new music licence tariff for Eating and Drinking Establishments.

This newly agreed tariff covers background music played in restaurants, cafes and bars giving businesses the opportunity to legally use over 15 million pieces of music at their ease.

As part of the announcement, PRS are offering a special hospitality sector introductory offer. This is available to all hospitality establishments that obtain and pay for a licence before the 31 of October 2015.

These special terms provide great savings for businesses currently using music at their premises. The offer will see:

  • A waiver of any fees that would normally be back-dated
  • A 50 per cent discount on non-ticketed featured music for the licence’s first year
  • A Standard Royalty Rate for the licence’s first year

In accordance with The Copyright and Designs Act 2004, in order to play music to customers, staff or employees – all premises’ must seek permission from the copyright holder through acquiring an appropriate licence.

The licence can be set up effortlessly within ten minutes by phoning or visiting the below:

1-877-457-0079 (toll free) between 8am-1pm (speak to PRS for Music representative)

PRS for Music’s Executive Director of Membership and International, Karen Buse said: "By working together with the Chamber’s restaurant sector we have made sure eating and drinking establishments in Bermuda can be licensed efficiently and at ease. PRS for Music is committed to providing Bermudian businesses with legitimate access to music from all around the globe and we look forward to increasing awareness throughout the country to promote the value of music and the effect it has on bringing businesses to life."

Chris Garland Chamber of Commerce restaurant sector representative said:"This has been a long time coming and I am pleased that we are finally able to put this to bed. We have agreed to rates that more adequately represent the state of the industry and the value the licenses bring to our businesses. I encourage all members and restaurant owners to take advantage of the offer and sign up before 31 October."

PRS for Music represent 111,000 songwriters, composers and publishers of music and is the appointed collection society for Bermuda. PRS for Music ensures all music creators are fairly remunerated and recognised for their work by distributing royalties through monies obtained by various licenses.

About PRS for Music

PRS for Music has been present in Bermuda for a number of years promoting the value of copyright and raising awareness about the importance of music licensing that ensures creators of musical works can earn a living. PRS for Music is the appointed collection society for Bermuda consequently collecting royalties for over 15 million pieces of musical works. Its membership is open to all composers, lyric writers and music publishers in Bermuda.

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