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Simon Anderson - Audio Network 

Jackie Alway

I have spent my life immersed in music: as a performer, student, PRS composer member and publisher. My professional career began at PRS and MCPS, in licensing and classical music copyright, before moving to the then-fledgling production music library Audio Network. Over the last ten years I have been responsible for helping build the company’s publishing activities internationally through direct PRO memberships and publishing partnerships in over 20 territories.

I completed a PhD in music research at Durham while working at PRS, and last year I gained a distinction in the entertainment law LLM at Westminster University, focusing on copyright infringement in music. I’ve been a member of the MPA Education Group for the past three years and I regularly speak about music rights to help raise awareness and understanding for all music users.

PRS does a difficult job well. Working directly with many other PROs, I see PRS excel in terms of openness, efficiency, accountability and cooperation with its members. But more can be done to improve the flow of rights, data, information and revenue, between members and music users - and here PRS can take a global lead. Listening to music consumers is key: they are the customers who ultimately create our royalties.

I’m proud to be a music publisher entrusted with composers’ copyrights. I would relish the opportunity to channel my energies into the PRS Board, to help ensure that those who want music can get it easily, legally and affordably, and those of us who write it get paid efficiently, transparently and fairly. I can bring a fresh perspective to the Board from my experience of shaping Audio Network’s proven publishing strategy around the world. Please entrust me with your vote, to show you what I can do. And please get in touch: s.anderson@audionetwork.com

Download Simon's Canvassing Statement

Proposed for appointment by: Ray Davies, Terry Howard Devine-King, Benny Gallagher, Dame Evelyn Glennie DBE, Steve Levine, Nik Kershaw, Novello & Co Ltd, Andrew Sunnucks, West One Music Ltd and Debbie Wiseman MBE.

List of directorships: None.

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