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Nicky Graham 

Nicky Graham

As a Songwriter, it has been a tremendous honour, to serve the writing community on the PRS Board for the past 21 years. In that time I have seen such enormous changes in the business and the way in which PRS for Music has reacted to those challenges has impressed me enormously.

Over the years I have served on the Board there have been so many changes, from European Legislation to Rulings from the Monopolies and Mergers Commission. Changes in the Management Team and changes on the Board. Changes at the MCPS. Changes from vinyl to digital and possibly back again. The Importance of a voice for DJs and Dance Music and changes from Physical to On-Line and the rise of streaming. Never forgetting dealing with Piracy in all its forms.

PRS for Music has kept up with all of these changes and as a Director it has been my task to attempt to oversee all of these changes and to ensure that my fellow writers are not adversely affected by the ever changing world of Rights Management.

Finally, my voluntary work with the PRS for Music Members Benevolent Fund (as a Trustee and member of the Finance Committee) has been extremely rewarding despite the loss of some of our own: Rosemary Snell, Peter Callander, David Bedford and of course my fellow Trustee Lynsey de Paul.

I would sincerely wish to continue my work on your behalf and ask you to vote for me in the PRS Board election.

Proposed for appointment by: Simon Darlow, Guy Fletcher, Edward Gregson, Hornall Brothers Music Ltd, Crispin Hunt, Mick Leeson, Molly Nyman, Sony/ATV Music Publishing (UK) Ltd, Universal Music Publishing Ltd, and Warner/Chappell Music.Publishing Ltd.

List of directorships: 20th Century Boy Productions Ltd, Bolanic Productions Ltd, Graham Music Publishers Ltd, Maximum Music Ltd, Maximum Songs Ltd, Misfits Productions Ltd, Songs In Lew Ltd and Performing Right Society Ltd.

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