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Jackie Alway - Universal Music Publishing 

Jackie Alway

I have had the privilege of working in music publishing for almost 25 years, currently as Vice President, International and Industry Affairs for Universal Music Publishing.

I’m passionate about the protection of the rights of creators and right holders within the UK, throughout Europe and globally. I was recently elected as Chair of the UK MPA, I sit on the Board of UK Music (and attend the UK Music Rights Committee) and have been honoured to serve on the Board of PRS since 2013. I also sit on the MCPS Board so that I have a joined up understanding of developments impacting the value of all rights necessary for the use of music and can work to ensure that we do all things possible to “grow the pie” and achieve fair remuneration for songwriters and publishers.

My commercial role encompasses digital licensing so that I’m fully up to speed with the challenges facing our industry and the opportunities available to us in this space. PRS and the MPA are both at the forefront of lobbying on such issues as the transfer of value from music to tech companies. My involvement in both organisations enables me to bring a broad perspective supporting alignment on key matters of importance to the songwriting and music publishing communities.

I care about all genres of music. I’m experienced in classical, core and production music publishing and am sensitive to the different concerns of all those communities. Our strength comes from finding shared interests and in working together to establish best practices in all areas of collective rights management. I would be very grateful to be given the opportunity to continue on the Board of PRS to do all I can to assist in the PRS’ ongoing mission to protect the best interests of creators and rights holders together as one community.

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Proposed for appointment by: Barry Blue, Bucks Music Group Ltd, Carlin Music Corp, Simon Darlow, Hornall Brothers Music Ltd, Crispin Hunt, Mick Leeson, Steve Levine, peermusic (UK) Ltd and Sony/ATV Music Publishing (UK) Ltd.

List of directorships: Block And Gilbert Music Limited, Bluey Tunes Productions Limited, Complete Music Limited, Deconstruction Songs Limited, Fiction Songs Limited, G. Ricordi & Co (London) Limited, Good Music Limited, Gravity Records Limited, Logo Songs Limited, Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society Limited, Minaret Music Limited, Mucho Loco Music Limited, Music Publishers Association Ltd, Performing Right Society Limited, Point Music Limited, PRS for Music Limited, Red Star Songs Limited, Strongsongs Limited, Universal Music Mgb Limited, Universal Music Publishing Europe Limited, Universal Music Publishing International Limited, Universal Music Publishing International Mgb Limited, Universal Music Publishing Limited, Universal Music Publishing Mgb Holding UK Limited, Universal Music Publishing Mgb Limited, Universal Publishing Production Music Limited, Universal Müzik Taksim Edisyon Anonim Şirketi, Universal Müzik Publishing Turkey Müzik Yayim Limited Şirketi.

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