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MCPS board 

MCPS is owned by the Music Publishers Association (MPA). The MCPS Board consists of 9 directors as follows:

  • 6 publisher directors, comprising 3 major publishers and 3 independent publishers, nominated by the members of the MPA and elected by the MPA Board;
  • 1 writer director who must be a member of MCPS and a Full Writer Member of PRS and will be nominated by BASCA;
  • 1 external director; and
  • 1 executive director of MCPS.

In addition the Chairman of the MPA shall have observer status on the MCPS Board.


 Chris Butler

 Music Sales Ltd


Publisher Directors

Jackie Alway
Will Downs
Nigel Elderton
Universal Music Publishing Int. Ltd
Sony/ATV EMI Music Publishing Ltd
Peermusic (UK) Ltd

Mike Lavin
John Minch
Simon Platz
Warner/Chappell Music Publishing Ltd
Imagem International
Bucks Music Group Ltd


Writer Director  

External Director

Julian Nott
Paul Dolan
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