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Anti Piracy Unit 

The Anti-Piracy Unit works alongside UK enforcement agencies to investigate infringements of your copyrights and acts to protect your interests.

Who are the Anti-Piracy Unit?

The Anti-Piracy Unit team consists of two investigators; the Technical Support Officer and the Internet Investigations Officer.

The Technical Support Officer focuses primarily on the examination of seized products and evidence to support prosecutions.

The Internet Investigations Officer deals with online piracy, such as websites offering unlicensed music for download or sale. He issues notices and takedown letters where appropriate.

What happens if you buy pirate CDs/DVDs?

Local communities can be affected by counterfeiting operations. By buying cheap CDs or DVDs, you are contributing to job losses amongst local people who work in related industries (retail for example). Many operations are linked to organised crime, often helping to fund drugs operations in local areas.

What can you do to help?

If you suspect that someone is making and/or distributing music illegally, you can contact us anonymously by email: apu@prsformusic.com  or call +44 (0)20 3741 4053.

All reports will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

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