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AIP (The Alliance for Intellectual Property)

AIP's objective is to raise public and political awareness of copyright and trade mark issues so that intellectual property is highly valued by everyone from consumers to manufacturers, and to ensure as a result that copyright theft is treated as seriously as other theft.


For useful information on recording artists and performers, including record labels and available recordings. 

APRS (the Association of Professional Recording Services)

APRS promotes the highest standards of professionalism and quality within the audio industry.  Its members are recording studios, post-production houses, mastering, replication, pressing and duplicating facilities, and providers of education and training, as well as audio engineers, manufacturers, suppliers, and consultants.  Its primary aim is to develop and maintain excellence at all levels within the audio industry of the United Kingdom. 


The national development agency for the arts in England, distributing public money from the Government and the National Lottery. 


A comprehensive service for bands, groups, orchestras and artists to register their names, from wherever they are in the world.  It includes a search facility to see if the name or proposed name is already in use. 

BCC (The British Copyright Council)

An umbrella organisation bringing together organisations which represent those who create, or hold rights in literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works and those who perform such works.  The BCC functions principally as a liaison committee for its member associations, providing them with a forum for the discussion of matters of copyright interest.  It also acts as a pressure group for changes in copyright law at UK, European and International level. 

BIMA (British Interactive Media Association)

The trade association representing the diverse interests of the UK interactive industry.  Whether they are a large software house or an up-and-coming developer, working online or on disc-based media, in education or business, all BIMA members share a common goal: to exchange information and advice on technology, application and business of new media, and to promote the use of interactive technology to business and the public. 


One of the world's most famous music retailers.  It offers the largest selection of classical and popular printed music in Europe, from the most popular to the esoteric. 

CLA (The Copyright Licensing Agency)

The organisation responsible for looking after the interests of rights owners over the copying of books, journals and periodicals. 

 DACS (Design and Artists Copyright Society)

The copyright and collecting society for visual artists in the UK.  It is an independent, not-for-profit organisation open to all creators in the visual arts as defined by the Copyright Acts, including photographers, craftspeople and architects. 

DCMS (Department of Culture, Media and Sport)

The department responsible for government policy on the arts, sport, the National Lottery, tourism, libraries, museums and galleries, broadcasting, film, the music industry, press freedom and regulation, licensing, gambling and the historic environment. 

The Department for Business and Innovation skills

They help people and companies become more productive by promoting enterprise, innovation and creativity, championing UK business at home and abroad and protecting the rights of working people and consumers. They invest heavily in world class science and technology,and stands up for fair and open markets in the UK, Europe and the world. 

UKIE (UK Interactive Entertainment)

A membership organisation representing all companies concerned with the publishing and distribution of interactive leisure and entertainment software.  It works to promote the interests of all its members as well as addressing issues that affect the industry as a whole. 

ERA (Educational Recording Agency Ltd)

On behalf of its Members ERA operates a Licensing Scheme for educational use of copyright material. Uniquely serving the UK educational sector, ERA is one of a range of collecting societies which help copyright owners and performers derive an income from the licensed use of their literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works.

FACT (The Federation Against Copyright Theft)

Formed in 1984 to combat counterfeiting, piracy and misuse of its members' products, initially targeting videotaped feature films, but increasingly investigating copyright infringement involving DVD and other digital formats.  FACT deals primarily with Customs, the Police and Trading Standards Offices, providing expert technical examination services for evidential purposes and the gathering of evidence to justify enforcement action or prosecution by the relevant authority.  FACT also undertakes private prosecutions on behalf of its members. 

FAST (Federation Against Software Theft)

A membership organisation for software publishers that helps its members to help in the day to day management of software and any issues that may arise. 


Owned by AOL Time Warner and Columbia TriStar, Filmbank are the main non-theatrical distributor in the U.K. representing many of the major film companies, Filmbank provide licensing for persons/companies wishing to show films outside cinemas and the home, other than where an exception applies (such as certain educational uses).  


A UK business association that offers a "one stop shop" for providing help and advice on electronic commerce to UK organisations at large, including the issuing of barcodes. 

ITC (The Independent Television Commission)

ceased to exist from 18 December 2003 and its duties have been assumed by OFCOM, the Office of Communications.  

MAKING MUSIC (The National Federation of Music Societies)

This organisation represents and supports amateur and semi-professional music groups, including choirs, orchestras and music promoters throughout the United Kingdom. the international body for collecting societies. 

MEC (Music Education Council)

The umbrella body for all organisations connected with music education in the UK.  It provides a forum for debate and woks at a local national and international level, in order to:

  • Promote and support all aspects of music education
  • Raise public awareness of the nature, purpose and benfits of music education and:
  • Encourage central and local government to establish effective structures and to provide adequate funding for all aspects of music education.


A research and development agency for the cultural industries. A large part of METIER's work concentrates on improving vocational education and tackling social exclusion. Vocational education projects are aimed at improving the quality of training and professional development for those working in the cultural industries. METIER's social inclusion work concentrates on tackling barriers that exist for traditionally disadvantaged groups working or wanting to work in the cultural industries. This core theme underlies their mission to make the cultural industries more reflective of society as a whole.

MIA (Music Industries Association)

A UK trade association servicing and representing the interests of all UK businesses selling musical instruments and associated products.  Manufactureres, importers, wholesalers, publishers and supporting businesses (e.g. music media) all come within its scope. trade body and professional institute for leading agencies in the UK's advertising, media and marketing communications industry, covering the creative, direct marketing, healthcare, media, new media outdoor, sales promotion and sponsorship sectors. 

MMF (Music Managers Forum)

The MMF works as a forum for discussion and action by managers of popular music artists and record producers.  It seeks to raise professional standards in management and to help managers develop skills and knowledge of the music business. 


is the Music Sales Group's online service.  It is the  world's largest online retailer of sheet music, books about music, tutor methods, and instructional videos, DVDs and music accessories. 

NLA (The Newspaper Licensing Agency)

represents the publishers of the UK national newspaper.  An NLA licence permits an educational establishment to run a press-cutting service for internal management purposes, and allows staff and students to make multiple photocopies for teaching purposes. 

NMC (The National Music Council)

is the only organisation that exists to promote the interests of the music industry as a whole.  membership is drawn from all areas of the music business and is open to all organisations with an interest in music and its development in the UK: professional, voluntary, and amateur; subsidised and commercial; creative and educational. 

Ofcom (Office of Communications)

The regulator for the UK communications industries, with responsibilities across television, radio, telecommunications and wireless communications services,  Ofcom exists to further the interests of citizen-consumers as the communications industries enter the digital age.  It merges the functions of five former regulatory bodies, the Independent Television Authority (ITC), the Broadcasting Standards Commission (BSC), the Office of Telecommunications (Oftel), the Radio Authority (RAu) and the Radiocommunications Agency (RA) 

PAMRA (Performing Artists' Media Rights Association)

see PPL


This government office is responsible for intellectual property in the UK: copyright, designs patents and trade marks. 


is an entirely independent body from PRS, with its own Board of Trustees and Advisory Council.  It is principally a funding organisation, offering financial assistance to support the furtherance of new music in the UK, but also positively contributes to the public's understanding and appreciation  of new music through the activities it supports. 


This company has been publishing, selling and leasing plays for performance since 1830.  They have over two thousand playscripts available, covering all elements of performing theatre: from comedies to tragedies, sketches to full-scale musicals.  In addition, their bookshop stocks a comprehensive range of playscripts and technical books on all aspects of theatre.


Suppliers of 100% digital, downloadable sheet music. Users can view, listen to, transpose and print over 5,000 exclusive, licensed titles, with hundreds added weekly. 


If you are trying to track down a piece of music used in a commercial, this website may be able to help you find it.  (see also TV AD MUSIC). 

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