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ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers)

A membership association of more that 120,000 U.S. composers, songwriters and publishers of every kind of music and hundreds of thousands worldwide.  It is the only U.S. performing rights organisation created and controlled by writers and publishers, with a Board of Directors elected by and from the membership.

BASCA (The British Academy of Composers and Songwriters)

The British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors, is the professional association for all music writers in the UK. With over 2,000 members, we understand the challenges, the joys and the pit falls of a career in music.

BASCA provides a range of services to its members. These include a legal service, tax helpline, sample contracts, professional development seminars, regular publications and lots more.

Membership of BASCA is open to any music writer who is a member of PRS for Music, or an alternative overseas collection society. www.basca.org.uk

Band Register

A comprehensive service for bands, groups, orchestras and artists to register their names, from wherever they are in the world.  It includes a search facility to see if the name or proposed name is already in use. 

BMI (Broadcast Music Inc)

is an American performing rights organisation that represents nearly 300,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers in all genres of music.  The non-profit making company collects licence fees on behalf of those American creators it represents, as well as thousands of creators from around the world who have chosen BMI for representation in the United States.

BCC (The British Copyright Council)

is an umbrella organisation bringing together organisations which represent those who create, or hold rights in literary, dramatic and artistic works and those who perform such works.  The BCC functions principally as a liaison committee for its member associations, providing them with a forum for the discussion of matters of copyright interest.  It also acts as a pressure group for changes in copyright law at UK, European and international level. 

CISAC (International Confederation of Authors and Composers)

is the international body for collecting societies. 

EFDSS (The English Folk Dance and Song Society)

EFDSS aims to encourage, document and develop folk music, dance and song traditions within England. 

Help Musicians UK

Since 1921, it’s helped thousands of musicians establish themselves in the music business, get through a serious crisis, cope with long term difficulties and enjoy retirement. As well as providing advice and guidance, it gives financial and emotional support. For many it’s a lifeline. It plays a vital role in supporting working musicians who are dealing with an illness, injury or accident. It also offer grants and provides opportunities to emerging musicians. If you need help, know someone who does or want to support visit Helpmusicians.org.uk

ICMP/CIEM (International Confederation of Music Publishers)

represents serious and popular music publishing in Europe and throughout the world.  Its constituent members are the twenty-nine national music publishers associations active in Europe and the eight associations active worldwide.  Through these national associations ICMP/CIEM represents music publishers globally.  The organisation's mission is to inv=crease the level of copyright protection internationally, strengthen the position of music publishers in the negotiation of licensing terms for their works, improve efficiency in works management, create an industry forum for discussion of global positions, and represent industry positions at international, regional and local levels

 ISM (The Incorporated Society of Musicians)

The UK's professional body for musicians.  It successfully promotes the art of music and the interest of professional musicians.  It also aims to raise standards in the profession, and to give its members the best available advice and services.

IVORS (The Ivor Novello Awards)

is internationally respected as the premier award ceremony to reflect the talent of British songwriters and composers and their contribution as the creative source of the music industry's prosperity.  Back to top

Making Music (The National Federation of Music Societies)

represents and supports amateur and semi-professional music groups, including choirs, orchestras and music promoters throughout the United Kingdom. the international body for collecting societies.

MIDEM (International Music Market, or Marche Internationale de Musique to be more accurate)

is probably the best known of the annual music industry trade shows.  It gather representatives from all ends of the business from around the world for five days of total music immersion (usually held in Cannes, France at the end of January).

MMF (Music Managers Forum)

works as a forum for discussion and action by managers of popular music artists and record producers.  It seeks to raise professional standards in management and to help managers develop skills and knowledge of the music business.

MPA (Music Publishers Association)

The non-profit making association of the UK music publishing industry. It promotes and protects the interests of music publishers, highlights their role and endeavours to obtain improvements in all legislation affecting the music industry

MU (The Musicians' Union)

is the largest musicians' trade union in Europe.  Through its activities, it seeks to improve the status of musicians and obtain better rates of payment for them whilst protecting both their statutory and contractual rights.

NMPA (National Music Publishers Association - USA)

This organisation performs a similar role to the UK's MPA, as an advocate for the music publishing industry, it provides its membership (some 800 American music publishers) with information via forums and newsletters.

Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy

is a registered charity which provides therapy through music to people in need.  Annual funding costs £1.25 million, which supports the charity's own London Therapy Centre, as well as outreach projects, training courses, research and its extensive fundraising activities, including the famous Silver Clef Awards.

PCAM (Producers and Composers of Applied Music)

is an organisation which helps and guides its members through all issues relating to applied music projects.  Anything from advertising to television and film. 

PPL (Phonographic Performance Ltd)

The UK record industry collecting society.  It administers broadcasting and public performance rights in the sound recordings of its record company members.  The money is then paid on to record companies and performers.

The PRS Foundation

An entirely independent body from PRS, with its own Board of Trustees and Advisory Council.  It is principally a funding organisation, offering financial assistance to support the furtherance of new music in the UK, but also positively contributes to the public's understanding and appreciation  of new music through the activities it supports. 

The PRS Members' Fund

The PRS Members' Fund is a registered charity (No 208671) which was formed to help members of the Performing Right Society and their dependants who are in need of financial support. Songwriters and composers, young or old, working in every genre of music can apply to the Fund when illness, accident or old age is causing stress or financial difficulties.  If you are a member, ex-member or the widow(er) or dependant of a member of PRS, the PRS Members' Fund is there to help you. 

PRC (Performer Registration Centre)

is a division of PPL set up in 1997 following EC legislation which gave performers a legal right to a share in the income generated by PPL.  Registration is free and performers are issued with a unique ID number so that they can be accurately linked with their recordings.  Visit the PPL website for more details. 

Royalties Reunited

An initiative that aims to get airplay royalties collected by PPL to the recording artists, session musicians and backing vocalists who have earned them. 

Sound and Music

seeks to promote and advance the education of the public by encouraging the understanding, appreciation and development of music composed by living musicians born or resident in the UK, and of music generally as expressed in any other medium or form.  SPNM achieves this through its eclectic annual programme of concerts, events, workshops and collaborations and through its monthly publication "New Notes". 

UK Music

UK Music works to promote the interests of the UK's composers, songwriters and music publishers and aims to ensure that Britain continues to have a world leading music business.  It achieves this by:

  •  Promoting the music agenda amongst policy makers and opinion formers
  • Monitoring government policy and legislative developments in the UK and Europe, specifically that relating to new technology and e-commerce
  • Undertaking research projects in support of our activities
  • Organising and participating in events e.g. trade fairs, seminars, conferences
  • Contributing to training and education programmes
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