Why have my co-writers been paid and I have not?

If you've not been paid, but your co-writer has, there are a few things to check before getting in touch.

Other works

Could your co-writer have been paid royalties for other works you weren't involved in? It's possible that the music you wrote together didn't meet our £30 minimum distribution threshold and they're simply being paid for works in their repertoire.

Different start dates

Ask your co-writer about their start date. Your official start date is  1 January if your membership was accepted between 1 January and 30 June. It's 1 July if your membership was accepted between 1 July and 31 December.

You can't be paid for performances of your music before you were a member. So if your start date is 1 July and your co-writer's is 1 January, they may be receiving royalties for performances prior to July. 

Check your shares

Be sure to check your share splits in the work details. This will show you how much we've been informed to pay out to each interested party for performing and mechanical royalties. Your co-writer may have a higher share split than you. If this is different to the amount you agreed with them, find out how to contest it. 

If you still can't work out why you've been paid less than your co-writer. Please get in touch by raising a query. If you're not already logged-in, you'll be directed to the login page first. 

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