What if I don't recognise someone listed on my work?

If there's a writer on your work that you don't recognise, amend your work to register it what you believe to be correct. Once the duplicate registration appears on the database, please contact Member Services with both tunecodes and ask us to raise a dispute.

If you're not sure, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Amending works. This can be found on your homepage once you've logged in. Or on our Works page, which you can get to via Works in the top-bar navigation.
  2. Select Amend an existing work.
  3. Search by tune code or ISWC number for the work you'd like to update. Can't find your tune code? 
  4. When you can see the Work Details screen, press Next to get to Your Interested Parties.
  5. Increase your share percentage.
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