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I am using music outside the UK - PRS for Music's international presence 

PRS for Music around the world

We have been appointed to administer licences in various territories outside the UK on behalf of our members, our affiliate societies and their members.

For example, when we enter a reciprocal agreement with an overseas collecting society, they grant us the mandate to license their members’ repertoire on their behalf in certain territories. These arrangements allow us to issue licences to use music from all over the world, ensuring the songwriters, composers and music publishers are paid when their music is used.

In some of these territories we have appointed local agents who work on our behalf. These include Bermuda, Bahamas, Cyprus, Gibraltar and Malta. In other territories we may assist by licensing direct from our head office. For details regarding online multi-territory licensing, please click here.

To find your local contact for licensing your business see countries A-Z

Territories where we have no local representation

There are various territories where our rights are not represented by a collecting society, usually because there is no society operating in that area.

However, our agreements with members entitle us to be able to represent their rights for the world. This means we can license on their behalf in territories without a local collecting society.

To find a local contact for licensing your business see countries A-Z

The Gulf States

There are no collecting societies in the Gulf States. In order to provide local businesses with the appropriate licence to use music, we have partnered with French collection society SACEM to jointly license on behalf of our members. SACEM already represents a significant catalogue of Arabic language music.

As we have no local agents in the Gulf States we work with music users directly to license them from our head office. We have also approached several other societies to extend their agreements with us to the Gulf States, so can also license on behalf of their members too.

Visit prsformusic.com/gulf

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