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Interview: Ray Davies 

If songwriting came relatively easy to the Kinks' frontman, the business itself proved a steep, troublesome learning curve.

Ray Davies

"There was no career path," Davies smiles, "just career disaster!" A combination of bad deals, personal pessimism, ill-luck and, if some are to be believed, professional resentments, conspired to make life as part of The Kinks a seat-of-the-pants existence. Picking up his Ivor earlier this year, Davies acknowledged the role PRS for Music played in keeping The Kinks afloat during the difficult times.

"Without PRS, I don’t think our band could have functioned for the first five years, the PRS royalties were fantastic to get. I never envisaged such a bonus to what I do. I just wanted to play songs."

He has also seen the organisation change over the years. "It is taking more of an interest in the process of songwriting, and the role it plays in society rather than simply being a collecting agency," he says. "That’s important because now, in addition to downloading threatening the entire industry, even the term “the song” is under threat. We need to promote songwriting as a means of expression rather than just a way of making money."

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