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Playlist: Timothy J Fairplay 

London DJ and producer par excellence Timothy J Fairplay provides us with some of his favourite tunes.

Timothy J Fairplay

Tim was previously a member of post-punk guitar band Battant – once one of London’s hottest new groups, the band disbanded and Tim took the chance to fully immerse himself in the world of synthesisers and electronics.

His experiments led to him hooking up with Lord Sabre Andrew Weatherall and working alongside him on numerous productions in his Scrutton Street studios before falling in with another electronic producer toiling in the bunker Scott Fraser.

Scott and Tim established new label Crimes of the Future and have since set about releasing some of the most forward thinking, psychedelic dance music you’re ever likely to hear.

  1. DISCOTAG - Florian Kupfer
  2. Die Motherf**ker - Delroy Edwards
  3. Speechless Tape - NGLY
  4. Athens 430 BC - Vercetti Technicolor
  5. Lumeria - Legowelt
  6. Everybody Everybody - Willie Burns
  7. Seven Miles Down - Timothy J. Fairplay
  8. Huh - Randomer
  9. Ancient of Days - Alessandro Parisi

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