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hip-hop guyPeople have said that money makes the world go around but for us, it’s definitely music.

Music can be such a vital part of any business, from increasing the happiness and productivity of your staff to customers lingering around that little bit longer due to a great track being played – we’ve all done it. But, don’t take our word for it. Here at PRS for Music, we worked with PPL (a fellow collecting society that collects on behalf of performers and record labels) to commission an independent joint research initiative to investigate whether music really can have a positive impact for businesses across all industry sectors.

 So, did you know that:

  • 81 percent of small retailers we surveyed agree that playing music improves staff morale
  • 75 percent of hotel guests like to hear music in the lobbies, bars, restaurants and public spaces
  • 75 percent of managers/business owners agreed that allowing staff to listen to music helps team working/team bonding
  • 84 percent of hairdressers say playing music makes the salon's atmosphere more welcoming or exciting
  • 88 percent of participants in a study worked most accurately when listening to music

These are just a few of the stats but please have a look at the Music Works website for further information.

As part of our recent Songs For Manchester campaign, we spoke to business owners in Manchester about how the use of music benefits both staff and customers:

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